Olivia and Nathan, Cranage Hall Wedding

Olivia and Nathan were married on the 28th August at Cranage Hall. We had a little bit of ducking the showers but we ended the day with some glorious sunshine and the best Dad’s dance ever!
Congratulations guys! Awesome day.

We started the day with Olivia getting ready at Cranage Hall with Mum and Sister in attendance to help. Olivia looks all kinds of nervous in one shot but really she was as happy as they come. Those little nervous moments are what I am looking for, the little pauses in the mornings proceeding that tell me, yep, it’s going to be a good day! The morning fairly flew by and before we knew it (except, I’m watching my watch) it was time for Olivia to get into her wedding dress and go and meet Nathan. Nathan, by the way, is just the coolest guy. Check out his suit!

Dad got emotional, the ceremony was perfect, the raid came and went and we were rewarded with just the most perfect evening, and a gorgeous sunset for a gorgeous couple. If you are looking at Cranage Hall as an option for your wedding, call in and have a look at my album.