Why commercial photography helps when shooting weddings

Alison BaileyI see a lot of discussion about commercial photography among photographers, "your bride doesn't want a jack of all trades, she wants a specialist" is one view. Mine is a little different. Yes, I do shoot commercial work and it actually benefits my clients. Here's why. Firstly I earn money by doing commercial photography, company headshots and product shots are my niche. That means that I don't shoot 60 weddings a year. I have known photographer who do shoot 6o weddings a year, most of that is compressed into the summer months and by the time you shoot 4 in a row over a bank holiday weekend, trust me, you are exhausted, footsore and unlikely to remember your own name never mind your clients. I am not that photographer. I want to spend more time on you, I want to create individual images that you are going to love, not shoot the same shots every day. My commercial work can be done during the week and in winter it keeps me busy and my weddings (12-15 a year) are nicely spaced over the summer weekends. It's a nice balance that keeps me working as a photographer. Secondly, it allows me to grow as a photographer. If I can light those headshots, I am more likely to be able to get the lighting just right on your bridal portraits. If I can light a car or jewellery for a commercial client, does it not follow that I should be able to make a decent job of your flowers? or your wedding rings?
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So don't worry if your photographer does more than one genre, I know one Nikon ambassador who has Fellowships in two subjects and he does travel photography too, does that mean he can't do more than one? No, of course it doesn't. It just means he's good, very good.